About Us

Prolab Infotech feel immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading force in the market of Laptop Repair services with an aspiration to remain a single point solution to every problem related to Laptop. Having established an exceptional expertise in the industry, we specialize in repairing and servicing of every brand of laptop including Acer, Asus, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, HP, HCL, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Zenith etc.

Mr. Vinod Ahuja laid the foundation of Prolab Infotech in 1998 with a dream of becoming the leading laptop service provider envisaging laptop services at very affordable range with a good turnaround, being customer-oriented and professional. In the course of customer satisfaction, we also provide mobile services collecting, repairing and delivering the laptop after successful servicing to our invaluable customers, thereby adding reliability and credibility in the market with customer delight being our priority.

The journey that we have covered at the licensed and certified institute has been a rewarding one. The credit goes to the hard work, dedication and excellence of our team of laptop engineers and other supporting staff where each and every one supports each other for the growth of the company providing the excellent services to our customers. Comprising of skilled and experienced engineers, Prolab Infotech always delivers effective and efficient services enhancing our unflinching commitment to continuously expand regardless of the recurring challenges.

Our outstanding service is attributable to the innovative workshop management operated by an in-house software that assigns a job number to each laptop allowing us to track and trace all work carried out. Our policy of ensuring data privacy to our customer keeping in mind the importance of data in the era of digital technologies adds another feather in the cap of our professional ethics. We guarantee you the privacy of data of your laptop, notebook, macbook or any device.

Prolab Infotech has repaired / upgraded thousands of Laptops, from home to business or from onsite repairs to more complex and technical workshop repairs. We have performed virus removal & data recovery services with customer data confidentiality intact. We have repaired laptops with cracked cases, laptops that had fluids spilled inside, broken screens, loose hinges, and even several devices that were run over by heavy objects! Some of these repairs may fall outside our flat rate pricing, but rest assured, whatever problem your notebook has, we are thoroughly equipped to handle it.

Our Motto itself speaks volume of what we stand for: "We Repair, We Recover, We Reform.... Your Laptops and Notebooks"